Goodbye Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson, English department chair and teacher, is retiring at the end of this school year.

We have had a lot of great teachers throughout the years at SBHS and Mrs. Wilson is one of them. Although Mrs. Wilson is still a great teacher, she is retiring this year. Many students may not know who Mrs. Wilson is, so let me give you a brief introduction. She is an English teacher at SBHS and has worked at SBHS for twenty years. Many of her students describe her as kind and very caring.  She is known for being very respectful to her students while pushing them to do their best in English.

“I would love to thank her for everything she taught me,” said junior Zoe Berkebile. “I knew she wanted us to succeed and because of that I was inspired to constantly do my best and stay on top of my classwork.”

Mrs. Wilson has always wanted to be a teacher, even though it took her a while to get there. It runs in her family for generations. She loves teaching and being around teachers. Mrs. Wilson says she’s learned a lot from teenagers and it has been a great learning experience. Although she loves teaching, the hardest part about teaching is helping kids understand what they are capable of. Her favorite thing about teaching is working with teenagers and seeing them grow from kids to young adults. Distance learning has been hard on Mrs. Wilson because she is a hugger and a hands-on teacher.

Mrs. Wilson says the funniest thing that’s happened to her throughout the years is when she was teaching and a student had got behind her and had somehow tripped her and she fell on her butt. Mrs. Wilson also used to rap for her freshman students and actually had won a rap battle with a student.

Even though Mrs. Wilson is retiring, she will still be working with teenagers designing a program for high school students to teach life and leadership skills. However, she still misses being in the classroom and teaching. And her students feel the same way about her.

“I will miss you,” said sophomore Kyvon Robinson.

“No one can replace her,” said sophomore George Jones.

Her advice to other teachers is to be patient with their students and also to recognize the individuality in every student. “SBHS is the only place I’ve taught and it’s like a home. Once a cardinal, always a cardinal.”

Students have described Mrs. Wilson as determined, kind, funny, hard working, thoughtful and caring. Some of the best things about Mrs. Wilson is that she really prepares you, she cares about people’s grades, and their personal life. She will let you make up old work to get your grade up, and she wants you to do well.

“I am extremely thankful to have been able to have her as a teacher,” said senior Nubia Ambrossi. “With her help, I was able to do what I once considered impossible. She helped me improve my abilities and also helped me believe in them.”

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