HOCC: Samantha Valle

Samantha Valle (12) explains what her life will be like after graduation and gives tips to incoming freshmen. Jasmine Toolan: What do you do for a living?  Samantha Valle: I don’t work. I’m just going to school.  JT: What do you want to do after you graduate?  SV: After I graduate I was planning to become an ultrasound technician, specifically pediatric sonography. They take ultrasounds … Continue reading HOCC: Samantha Valle

Different Christmas traditions you’ve probably never heard of

There are so many different Christmas traditions families celebrate. In California, the most common tradition is to make tamales and have a big family gathering on December 24th and the 25th. Another big one is that many families bake cookies and decorate gingerbread houses. You may be surprised when you hear about other traditions in other areas.  Here are some student traditions in SBHS. “We … Continue reading Different Christmas traditions you’ve probably never heard of

You’re not alone

A wellness center is an establishment that offers health services for the body and mind. The reason we need wellness centers is because people are struggling with suicide (12th leading death), depression (depressive disorder), trauma (emotional response), and need a place for people to feel safe and comfortable. These topics are really sensitive to talk about, but people are struggling and going through it everyday. … Continue reading You’re not alone

HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith, SBHS social studies teacher, shares a slice of his life, from working at Berdoo to his perspective on happiness. Emjay Chhin: So, tell me how has it been working here lately? Arthur Smith: Lately has been fantastic. I arrived one week late in starting school this year. So the first month or so I felt like I was behind a little bit. However, … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

Lady Cardinals lose 4-1 to Big Bear Bears

By Ziclaly Belmont and Julissa Chia San Bernardino High School’s Lady Cardinals squared off against the Big Bear Bears on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022. While they lost 4-1, they put up a valiant effort in the game, holding the Bears scoreless in the second half of the game. Next up for the 0-4 Lady Cardinals is a Mountain Valley conference game against the 1-2 Indian … Continue reading Lady Cardinals lose 4-1 to Big Bear Bears

HOCC: Esmeralda Vargas

Esmeralda Vargas  (9) explains her goals and how she will get there. Facing many challenges, she still keeps her head up and looks toward her future.  Jasmine Toolan: What is your goal in life? Esmeralda Vargas: Honestly, just to finish high school and get college and get a degree in nursing. JT: What inspired you to get a nursing degree? Why is that the path … Continue reading HOCC: Esmeralda Vargas