Working through the pandemic

A bunch of crazy things have happened during these past 14+ months: COVID-19 spread, people lost their jobs, and lives have even been lost. Although many prickly things have happened, I appreciate all the essential workers who risked their lives during this pandemic. Essential workers like my dad Richard Esquibel, Uncle Jose Espinoza, and Aunt Patricia Caldera are three essential workers who have worked through … Continue reading Working through the pandemic

SBHS Track and Field – Running through COVID-19

Sports this year have been tough due to COVID, but that did not stop any of our SBHS teams from playing, especially our Track and Field team. Track and Field made it to the League Finals this year. Although they did not win overall, they did win quite a few events and earned some badges. Everyone was excited to go to the League Finals, but … Continue reading SBHS Track and Field – Running through COVID-19

We Could End Homelessness

Three out of five people are chronically homeless and struggle with a disabling condition. Five percent of people experiencing homelessness are fleeing domestic violence. I believe that we can end homelessness by doing various things such as volunteering at a shelter, looking at the percentage of homelessness in your area and surrounding areas to see how many need help and to prevent more from happening. … Continue reading We Could End Homelessness