SBHS Track and Field – Running through COVID-19

Edgar Garcia, Michael Torres, Luis Villanueva, and Yahir Rodriguez prepare for the start of the race.

Sports this year have been tough due to COVID, but that did not stop any of our SBHS teams from playing, especially our Track and Field team. Track and Field made it to the League Finals this year. Although they did not win overall, they did win quite a few events and earned some badges. Everyone was excited to go to the League Finals, but they were all nervous as well and some had mixed emotions about going. The coaches, on the other hand, were very excited and pumped to see how the athletes would perform. The SBHS Track and Field team have been waiting two years to go to League Finals and they are always excited for this time of year. 

“It will be a little different this year due to Covid but it will feel like a true track meet,” said Coach Burg. “There will be at least 3-8 runners so people won’t have to race against themselves.”

Luis Villanueva shows off his badges.

With races against Indian Springs, Pacific, and Rubidoux High Schools, SBHS took home quite a few wins in the hurdle jumps, the long jumps, and of course races. 

“We’re a small but fierce team,” said Coach Hinkleman. 

A lot of people agree that this small team is so dedicated to the sport. Luis Villanueva, a captain on the team, lives in Riverside but still attends SBHS due to distance learning. He takes a bus and runs to all the meets because he is so dedicated to running for SBHS.

Karla Ponce, Ashely Esquibel, Karina Roldan, and Sarah Castillo

The 2020-2021 SBHS Track Team offers some final words as we wind up the end of the school year – words that apply to more than just track and field.

“Do not be afraid to try out for things,” said sophomore Karina Roldan. 

“No matter how hard it gets, push through – it gets better,” said sophomore Iran Hernandez.

“Even though you do not win, just keep coming at it with confidence,” said senior Samir Davis.

“I would like to thank the coaches for spending time with us, for making sure that we have a ride and pushing us in practice to be the best we can be,” said senior captain Jaileen Cuellar.

“It’s all or nothing. You have to keep pushing through no matter how hard it gets; there’s no way, but to only go through it,” said sophomore Michael Torres. “Believe in yourself and be yourself at all times. Whoever is struggling, you will get through it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Finally, for anyone who would want to join Track and Field for the 2021-2022 school year, the track team and coaches offer these encouraging words. 

“No one is going to judge you, Track and Field is a good sport. It’s a team sport completed individually – no bench, no refs, no teammates to blame. If you like that, then it’s the sport for you. Track and Field has a lot of things you can try, and if you’re not good at one thing, you can try another, you only have four years – make the best of it.”

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