The Tyro Times is the student newspaper of San Bernardino High School, and has been since November of 1895. The name “Tyro” has been associated with San Bernardino High because of its publication for over 122 years. The founders of the Tyro were three students – George Swing, Edward Wall, and C.A. Whitmore. They presented the idea of a school newspaper to the principal and student body, and recommended it be named “Tyro,” meaning “the beginning.”

In 2012, Mr. Henry Ho, the Tyro adviser at the time, left SBHS and, as a result, Tyro disappeared. In 2016, two students, Kenia Gomez and Hazael Perez, took leadership and approached the school librarian, Mrs. Rochelle Schmidt, about resurrecting Tyro and becoming the adviser, making Tyro Times SBHS’s newspaper once again.