Q & A with Janice Romero Reyes

Student Features is an article or interview about a student from our school. Full disclosure: I have never written a student feature and I didn’t have anyone to write one about…until my friend, Janice Romero Reyes, a sophomore, heard about our SBHS Tyro Times. I asked her if she was interested in being interviewed and having an article about her published on our school website. She said, “Yes, I will love to do that.” I interviewed her and this is how it went.

Janice Romero Reyes, a sophomore at SBHS.
What are your experiences or what you like about SBHS itself?

The best thing I have been able to experience so far in high school is being able to go have fun in school related activities such as soccer and football games. I find it really enjoyable when being able to spend these times with my friends.

What is your goal for these next two years or high school or what you want to experience?

What I hope to experience in these two years of high school is to be able to feel more free and open to more opportunities where I can spend more time with my friends while also getting something out of it.

Okay let’s ask you something light-hearted. Do you have any favorite hobbies or what’s your personality?

I don’t really have many hobbies. I’m more of a close-minded person and not very outgoing. If anything, I feel like my days are constantly repeated and everyday just seems the same. In my free time I like to call my friends and talk about how our day is going and we have endless conversations.

Last question, do you have a career or do you know what you’re going to do after high school? If you don’t, it’s fine.

The career I’m thinking of pursuing is becoming a nurse. The reason I look forward to this is because I love helping people and being able to feel like by doing something small, it can make a big difference in someone’s health. Writing is one of my biggest passions and something I can do for hours. But it’s not the career I see myself in.

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