Newspaper Policy

The Tyro Times is San Bernardino High School’s student-run newspaper. The content published is determined by the newspaper staff and adviser and does not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or beliefs of SBHS faculty, students, or those of SBCUSD.

As with professional news reporters, students are protected by the First Amendment in their use of free speech and press freedom.

Editorials and Letters to the Editor reflect the views of the writer(s). These submissions do not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs, or opinions of the Tyro Times staff. Additionally, these submissions are NOT written by the newspaper staff. They are submissions by San Bernardino High School’s student body. These submissions are highly encouraged and may not be submitted anonymously. However, Mrs. Schmidt may decide to publish anonymously on case-by-case basis.

Tyro Times reserves the right to edit or refuse to publish any submissions or guest commentary. Reasons for editing or refusal may include, but are not limited to copyright, libel/slander, length, clarity, and obscenity.

The Newspaper Policy was last updated January 30, 2018.