You’re not alone

A wellness center is an establishment that offers health services for the body and mind. The reason we need wellness centers is because people are struggling with suicide (12th leading death), depression (depressive disorder), trauma (emotional response), and need a place for people to feel safe and comfortable. These topics are really sensitive to talk about, but people are struggling and going through it everyday. … Continue reading You’re not alone

HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith, SBHS social studies teacher, shares a slice of his life, from working at Berdoo to his perspective on happiness. Emjay Chhin: So, tell me how has it been working here lately? Arthur Smith: Lately has been fantastic. I arrived one week late in starting school this year. So the first month or so I felt like I was behind a little bit. However, … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

HOCC: Mr. Durell Jones

Durell Jones will be talking about his life and his history on what he has done in the past and his teaching years. Yahily Estrada: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Durell Jones: I’m from San Bernardino. I was born in Loma Linda Hospital. I went to elementary school and middle school here. I graduated from San Gorgonio High School. I was fortunate enough … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Durell Jones

The Break-in at the Cardinal City Theatre

By Jasmine Toolan and Julissa Chia On Sunday September 11th, 2022, some people broke into the campus, into the SBHS theater, and caused severe damages that might affect future performances of our students.   The stage was splattered with paint on the floor, and the backdrop they use for the performances was ripped and splattered with paint. One of the rooms used to store the drums … Continue reading The Break-in at the Cardinal City Theatre

HOCC: Ms. Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker, San Bernardino High School’s theatre teacher, talks about how they celebrate the holidays and their odd situation with bears. Daniella Slater: What was the weirdest thing that happened to you? Olivia Parker: I’ve had multiple bears inside of my house. Not just visiting my yard, but inside my house. I have a bear paw print on my wall of the bear climbing back … Continue reading HOCC: Ms. Olivia Parker

Cardinals capsize Pirates, 40-0

The Cardinals defeated their rival, the Pacific Pirates, 40-0 in a one-sided affair Friday, Oct. 27, 2022. With this win, the Cardinals secured their title as Mountain Valley League champions. They ended the regular season with an 8-2 overall record and 4-1 in league. The Cardinals started the game off with an explosive kickoff return touchdown in the first fifteen seconds of the game. They … Continue reading Cardinals capsize Pirates, 40-0

Cardinals defense stops Rebels, Cardinals win 14-13

The Cardinals held on to win 14-13 against AB Miller’s Rebels in a defensive battle on Friday, October 21, 2022. This game was special for many reasons – it was homecoming and this game carried the weight of playoff and league title implications. Game Recap The Rebels scored a touchdown in the first quarter, but the Cardinals responded with a TD in the second. With … Continue reading Cardinals defense stops Rebels, Cardinals win 14-13