Binge These Movies This Summer!

There have been great movies coming out in theaters and a lot of them are awesome for sleepovers this summer or for a date! The Curse of La Llorona Need a scare? La Llorona is a mexcican folktale told to children when they’re acting up. It is said that La Llorona or “the weeping woman” will come for them if they do not listen to … Continue reading Binge These Movies This Summer!


Sen·ior·i·tis A crippling disease that hits high school seniors. Symptoms When you find yourself saying “I’ll do it later” otherwise known as Procrastinating Laziness Lack of studying Repeated absences Low grades Finding it hard to get out of bed Debating whether to skip class or not Senioritis is very common around our school. I talked to a handful of seniors and asked them how they … Continue reading Sen·ior·i·tis

That’s What She Said!

I went around our school with 3 relationship based interview questions. What’s your idea of a romantic date? What do you look for the most in a guy/girl’s personality? If you could date one celebrity, who would it be and why? I asked 10 of our female students for an answer to one of these three questions. Question 1 “What’s your idea of a romantic … Continue reading That’s What She Said!

10 Songs to Beef Up Your Playlist

Do you enjoy listening to indie alternative rock music? If so, here are 10 song suggestions. 1. “Softcore” by The Neighbourhood 2. “Can I Call You Tonight?” by Dayglow 3. “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County 4. “Sidelines” by Wallows 5. “Robbers” by The 1975 6. “Easier To Cry” by TV Girl 7. “Seventeen” by Peach Pit 8. “We’re Just Not Friends” by Parks, Squares and … Continue reading 10 Songs to Beef Up Your Playlist