Student Respect – An Issue?

Imagine you are a student who is in an honors class. The teacher is lecturing and you were called on to answer a question. Then a student from your class interrupts you and the teacher. The student and the teacher make a scene that interrupts the class.  Students disrespecting teachers is not okay and we need to create a solution to prevent students’ rudeness against … Continue reading Student Respect – An Issue?

Farewell Mr. Kirby

On February 28, 2018, our beloved Mr. Kirby was promoted to Program Specialist in charge of Advanced Learners and will be working with district personnel at the Professional Development Center. Throughout his twelve years here at Cardinal City (his first job as a teacher!) he was a man of many hats – a Social Studies teacher, an English teacher and Department Chair, the SUMMA adviser, … Continue reading Farewell Mr. Kirby