COVID-19 guidelines at SBHS

Due to the potential rise in COVID-19 cases, students and staff shared their opinions about how the pandemic has affected schools. Since students returned back to school for the 2021 school year, there’s always been a possibility for COVID-19 to spread within the school. Although that possibility has been diminishing ever since more students have received the vaccination. The spread still hasn’t been prevented, but … Continue reading COVID-19 guidelines at SBHS

Quarantine trend – crystals

The pandemic certainly sparked interests in our students; it gave them time to truly explore their hobbies or interests they didn’t even know they had. One of these happened to be crystals, which are a variety of stones with potential healing properties, and students’ uses of crystals vary on the subject. “I was really bored over the pandemic. I had nothing that caught my eye … Continue reading Quarantine trend – crystals

 Vandalism and littering at SBHS

Students returned to their natural habits after coming back to school on August 2nd. Habits such as vandalism and littering. Vandalism and littering have always happened on our campus, but it was especially bad when the TikTok trend “Devious Licks” became popular and students were inspired to steal items from school and post it online for likes. “It doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to … Continue reading  Vandalism and littering at SBHS

San Bernardino High School alumni staff feature: Eddie Avilez

Featuring the Assistant Band Director of the SBHS Marching Cardinals: Eddie Avilez Eddie Avilez is the assistant band director of the San Bernardino High School Marching Cardinals and has been helping the band ever since he graduated in 2018. He, along with his assistant Cristian Marquez, who graduated in 2020, were very helpful and kind to take some time out of their day to talk … Continue reading San Bernardino High School alumni staff feature: Eddie Avilez

New movies of 2022

As the year comes to an end, there comes a new surplus of movies releasing in the coming year. New movies means new entertainment for 2022. Fans are waiting for the new movies to come out and watch.  Batman The highly anticipated “Batman” stars Robert Patterson as Batman and Paul Dano as the Riddler. Ever since the original film’s release in 1943, the franchise has … Continue reading New movies of 2022

Littering around San Bernardino High School

Keeping our campus clean is something we struggle with on a daily basis. This is due to the students not cleaning up after themselves. We also find classrooms trashed with food wrappers left everywhere and dirt all over the floor, and we don’t have the proper staff to help and keep up with the school.  Our students on campus have a number of reasons for … Continue reading Littering around San Bernardino High School

Cross Country: More than a run

RUNNERS, ON YOUR MARKS!!! BANG!!! AND THEY’RE OFF!!! Yahir Rodriguez, 12,  and Marcos Aparicio, 9,  explain their experiences in Cross County and the meaning of this sport. Aparicio was inspired by his brother Giovani Aparicio, who was in the Cross Country team in the past. This inspired him to join the team.  “My brother ran for this Cross Country team and he always told me … Continue reading Cross Country: More than a run