Elijah Payne: Valedictorian

Elijah Paine did NOT flunk middle school. He didn’t have straight A’s, either. English was, and always has been, his worst subject. His elementary teachers neglected the subject in elementary school, and instead focused on science and math, hence his difficulty in English but his ‘natural talent’ in the others. In 6th grade, he was placed on Academic Probation at Richardson Preparatory. He was only … Continue reading Elijah Payne: Valedictorian

Advancement Via Individual Determination is Rewarded

On April 28, 2018, many high schools within our district gathered together at Cal State San Bernardino for the AVID Senior Recognition Ceremony to honor those in the AVID program and their school. Our seniors showed up prepared for the ceremony, looking snazzy in their formal outfits. They walked into the stadium with their heads held high, proud of their many accomplishments. With Mrs. Akahoshi … Continue reading Advancement Via Individual Determination is Rewarded

“Miss Peretti, please spell syzygy.”

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Quirky. Cute. Hilarious. Entertaining. Fabulous. A brilliant show, brought to us by a brilliant director, brought to life by brilliant actors, and phenomenally run by brilliant technicians. While opening night may have begun with technical difficulties as the light board completely crashed, the show must go on…and go on it did. The amazing technical director, Leonardo Calvillo, made … Continue reading “Miss Peretti, please spell syzygy.”

California Thespian State Festival 2018

Every year, our SBHS theatre department’s best actors and technicians work diligently to compete against the best of the best high school theatre departments in Southern California. Actors will compete in various competitions of their choice, from acting out monologues, to singing musical theatre pieces, to even dancing complicated pieces from previous musicals shown at our school. Technicians will show off their best work in … Continue reading California Thespian State Festival 2018

Spring Musical

And we have a winner!! For this year’s final theatre production, the SBHS Theatre Department will be putting on a comedic musical known as ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,’ directed by Olivia Parker. This show is about the tale of several socially awkward youngsters finding joy, heartache, and a purpose in competing at the regional spelling bee. Casting by our brilliant director has … Continue reading Spring Musical

Winter Formal

This year’s Snowball Masquerade-themed Winter Formal will be held on February 10th from 6:00-10:00 pm at the lovely Castaway Restaurant here in San Bernardino. You can buy your tickets from Mrs. Kim in M-9. Tickets are $34 with ASB and $39 without. This elegant dance will include an amazing DJ, a professional photo booth and breathtaking views. There will be a royal court crowned, so … Continue reading Winter Formal