Silence Can Speak Louder Than Words

On April 27, 2018, a multitude of students on our campus stayed silent for the entire school day to exemplify the silence that the LGBT community is forced into each and every day due to issues such as harassment and lack of acceptance. Having been at this school for three years and an officer of the LGBT club for two, I am please to say that this year seemed to go rather smoothly in comparison to prior years. In previous years, participants had been bullied for participating, or other students pressured or goaded participating students into speaking. This year, however, the amount of cases as such were kept to a minimum, and more students seemed intrigued and curious as opposed to aggressive and rude. Being able to see that kind of response to something that is as important and relevant as this was astounding.

A few of our LBGT officers shared their reasons for participating in the Day of Silence: 

“I wanted to take part in the movement in order to bring awareness to the forced silencing of members of the LGBT community.” – Marlett Matute (President)

“I participated in the Day of Silence because I wanted to show awareness to the voices not being heard within the LGBT community.” – Maria Rodriguez (Vice President)

“I participated because it shows how strong silence can truly be. By staying silent you can’t hear the voices of those who have been SILENCED.” – Cynthia Ramirez (Publicist)

“I participated in the Day of Silence because I believe people should be heard instead of silent because all voices matter!!” – Desiree Cox (Historian)

“Although I didn’t participate in the Day of Silence this year, I do support the cause and would like to participate in the future as well as spread awareness throughout the community.” – Diana Marin (Secretary)

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