Advancement Via Individual Determination is Rewarded

On April 28, 2018, many high schools within our district gathered together at Cal State San Bernardino for the AVID Senior Recognition Ceremony to honor those in the AVID program and their school. Our seniors showed up prepared for the ceremony, looking snazzy in their formal outfits. They walked into the stadium with their heads held high, proud of their many accomplishments. With Mrs. Akahoshi and Mrs. Corigliano at hand, they were prepared for what was to come.

After a multitude of inspiring and motivational speeches and a very interesting rap performance, every school was recognized. When the time came, Mrs. Corigliano and Alma Salgado walked on stage. Once Mrs. Corigliano asked the senior Cardinals to stand, Alma gave her short and sweet speech on the school’s behalf. As she closed her speech with the always memorable and appropriate “Once a Cardinal…,” our loud and proud SBHS AVID seniors joined her with a choral cheer of “Always a Cardinal!” The ceremony ended with every student unpacking their medals and putting them on together. It was a meaningful experience that our seniors will never forget. Our AVID seniors will officially receive their sashes at our very own ceremony on May 16, 2018 in the SBHS Auditorium.

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