Field Update

Before we went on Winter Break, the official update of the field was finally released to our school admins, and the keys have been turned over to us here at Cardinal City. We now have an official snackbar that we are sure ASB can not wait to use at games! The current project of the track, stands, and more has been completed. However, it does not stop there. The field will have more projects soon. For example, the project for the conversion to turf and adding in subdrainage field necessities is waiting to begin. The awkward piece of barbed wire that stands near the edge of the field is to be removed, our fence that lines the perimeter is to be upgraded/adjusted as needed, and we will be getting walkway lighting around the field, a lighted flagpole, and landscaping behind the bleachers. This isn’t even the end! Our Cardinal City wish list for the field includes a ticket booth and a power, water and communication relation in our visitor section. Do you think anything else would be neat? Let us know! You can contact Destiny Aguilera personally to ensure that your idea gets heard.

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