California Thespian State Festival 2018

Every year, our SBHS theatre department’s best actors and technicians work diligently to compete against the best of the best high school theatre departments in Southern California. Actors will compete in various competitions of their choice, from acting out monologues, to singing musical theatre pieces, to even dancing complicated pieces from previous musicals shown at our school. Technicians will show off their best work in their own unique way too, from displaying their beautifully completed stage management binders to showcasing an entirely new thought process for Romeo and Juliet branched off of a simple costume design. Many of our students also audition to perform or work on a show there at the competition, where they get to work with brilliant people in creating a full show within 2 and a half days, perfected and ready for showcasing by the end of the third and final day of the competition. It is a truly life-altering experience that every participant comes to love. Preparing to compete the last few days of spring break, our members could use all the encouragement they can get. Break a leg!

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