Long Term Goal Since She Was Five Years Old

Angelina Pelayo, Ms. Luna, Brayan Rodriguez-Martinez, Domenic Rodriguez and David Borrago

SBHS has had many Cardinal teachers and now we are proud to welcome a new one, Ms. Luna. Ms. Luna has wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old. She has been officially teaching for three years; it has been very hard for her to stay determined to get to where she is today.

Some of her teachers laughed at her for wanting to go to college and become a teacher, but she proved them wrong. She had some teachers encourage her: two professors in college, her third grade teacher, and her second grade teachers all had an impact in her life because they all loved their jobs, and seeing someone love what they do made her more determined to be a teacher.

Ms. Luna thinks all kids have high good energy. But there is something different from Shandin Hills Middle School, the teachers are different and the time in classes are different, but the school is big and roomy.

She loves teaching but she still feels she still has some struggles. She questions herself and her ability at times, she admits she is hard on herself. Sometimes she gives her all and others don’t follow, and sometimes she feels that teachers don’t give her the support she needs and she doesn’t like that.

Mrs. Hanafi, Ms. Luna’s close friend loves her. They met at an English teacher department meeting a while before school started and Ms. Luna was so nice and friendly that she offered to take her out to lunch and they just became friends from there. Mrs. Hanafi and Ms. Luna help each other out when they need it. Mrs. Hanafi feels connected to Ms. Luna after two months.

“It feels good being friends with Ms. Luna. You Can literally ask her anything and she will listen.” Mrs. Hanafi said.

There are four students from Ms. Luna’s class who love her. Some more than others: Liliana Ramirez, Homero Suarez, Marcela Morquecho, and Angelina Pelayo. They would love to have Ms. Luna as their teacher for their whole four years at SBHS; some because of her grading system and others because they just love her. They think Ms. Luna is funny, fair, chill back, and amazing.

Angelina said ” I love how Ms. Luna takes her time to make sure we ge the best materials to do our work, how she makes school fun, how she makes the classroom feel like family and how she makes everyone in the classroom feel equal.” She also said, “Ms. Luna should keep moving forward even though students give her a hard time because she is a great teacher and I love the way you teach Ms. Luna.”

Liliana and Marcela give Ms.Luna an 8/10 for her teaching, Homero gave her a 9/10 and Angelina gave her a 10/10; maybe more because she is a great teacher.

Homero, Marcela, and Liliana all say ” the best thing about Ms. Luna’s class is her grading system because it is fair.”

Ms. Luna’s goal for teaching is to be a teacher that who is needed when she was in school. She is happy to be her students teacher and give her students happiness. All she wants is to hit that goal and see her students graduate high school, which is why she agreed to be a high school teacher in the first place.

“Being able to see the light bulb moments and seeing the kids interact and engage with one another is the best thing about teaching,” she said.

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