That’s what she said

Students here at San Bernardino High School clearly date one another. One question that was asked to 17 SBHS girls, including Tyro Staff was:

If you can say one last thing to your ex, what would you say?

Here are some of their responses.

“Your friend was better.” – Rachel Felix, 9th

“Why’d you break up with me?” – Anonymous

“I’m sorry I love you.” – Anonymous

“Go suck a toe.” – Anonymous

“You missed out.” – Jade Burch, 9th

“That’s why you’re still in my DM’s.” – Aniceta Felix, 10th

“I messed up. I acknowledge I messed up. And I hope you and your girlfriend are happy.” – Alexis Williams, 11th

“We left off on the wrong foot but at the end of the day, I still wish you the best. Hope you’re doing well. I know I am.” – Anonymous

“Even if we didn’t last long, you were the best.” – Anonymous

“Because of what you did to me I could never look at you the same.” – Anonymous

“Be honest be straight up that lying stuff for cowards.” – Anonymous

“I’m glad we met, you showed me a lot.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for nothing” – Chloe Obeshaw, 12th

“You missed out on a real one.” – Anonymous

“Why cheat and lie?” – Anonymous

“I enjoyed the time. I have no hard feelings. Low-key miss your kisses.” – Anonymous

“Communication was not the issue in our relationship; it was your lack of effort.” – Anonymous

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