Underrated Clubs

By Faith Maquinales

Mr. Meyer smiles as he helps a student. He does this almost everyday as he helps these students. He knows inside that this is the right moral choice. He said “it’s actually a good club to belong to because you can make some powerful connections.”

Interact is a club whose focus is to make the world a better place. Anyone can join – just speak to John Meyer in room B-212. The group is currently working on painting a mural for the school. This mural is being painted in the field and anyone who helps gets community service hours. The club is sponsored by Rotary, which is a non-profit that seeks to advance goodwill and peace around the world. They meet in B-212 and the days they group are announced over the intercom.

The LGBT club is a club that tries to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all who enter. They usually have a meeting once a month. They announce when they meet over the intercom. During the club, you’ll most likely have activities and games to do related to the LGBT community, such as gay pictionary and a drag makeover booth. There are no requirements or commitments to this club; just be nice.

Vanessa Fornari, the counseling secretary, works hard to make sure that the students have a sense of direction in their life. She does this by telling them what counselor is open.

Travel Club is run by  Tira Bunn, the art teacher. Travel Club members have already visited many places including, Ireland, Switzerland, Washington DC, and they will soon visit France. The trip to France costs $3,800.00.

It should be known that this is not a vacation; it is an experience. Many activities will be planned throughout the day and planned in advance, so there is no sleeping in. If you would like to sign up, you can talk to Bunn in room M4-B and learn more about it. You can also contact them on Instagram at @sbhstravelclub.

Our Robotics Club at SBHS is the only representative of San Bernardino in robotic competitions. The Robotics Club builds a robot from scratch, codes it properly, and then competes against other schools in the district.

Mr. Nunez has stated that robotics is good for students because it teaches them “teamwork, stress management, time management, fundamentals of engineering, and programming.” 

Faith Maquinales, a student journalist for SBHS’s paper The Tyro Times, talks to Marcell Gibson to find out what he knows and doesn’t know about the clubs offered on campus. He was not aware of the activities that are offered.

When asked what the YAP program offers, student Courtney Wilkins said, they offer “homework help, enrichment activities,sports & mentorship. We service all grades, and we’re here whether you are fully enrolled or not.”

YAP has been at SBHS for three years. Yap is a non-profit that serves SB County Schools in regards to academic achievement at school environment.

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