Fragile: handle with care

2020-2021 was both a unique and challenging experience for students. Some of our SBHS journalists documented their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the past 15 months. Here is 2020/2021 from a teen’s perspective. The title of this piece is “Fragile Handle With Care.” This was heavily influenced by The Wall (by Pink Floyd) and a horrible fever I had recently. If it wasn’t obvious, a … Continue reading Fragile: handle with care

Spooky Music for Your Quarantined Halloween

Let’s face it – Halloween is pretty much canceled this year; we’re all going to be stuck inside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sit in your house listening to your favorite spooky themes while shoveling candy in your mouth dressed as your favorite character. Let’s jump right into the list! Monster Mash We gotta start off this right with a classic; I’m talking about … Continue reading Spooky Music for Your Quarantined Halloween