5 obscure movies

1. Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. (1998)

This movie is based off of the famous journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s trip to cover the indie 400. Watch as he struggles through drug usage and psychedelic trips that result in a lot of loathing and subsequently fear.

2. A Clockwork Orange. (1971)

A gang of hoodlums in the London area have been causing trouble; they go around beating hobos to death, and robbing houses. They do this until their leader Alex is placed in a correctional institution, changing his life for ever.

3. Full Metal Jacket. (1987)

In this Stanley Kubrick directed film a group of marines during the Vietnam war go through boot camp, then after a twist they go to war, at war they experience the duality of man.

4. Taxi Driver. (1976)

In this Film directed by the visionary Martin Scorsese, a taxi driver with mental illnesses meets a pretty girl, and becomes almost obsessed. After he gets heart broken he decides to better himself and the streets by turning into a vigilante.

5. Fargo.

A car salesman just trying to get by must do what he must to survive. After a mysterious murder in Minnesota, you follow the journey of a detective trying to solve the case. When you watch this movie you’ll see why no one lives in Minnesota.

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