HOCC: Samantha Valle

Samantha Valle (12) explains what her life will be like after graduation and gives tips to incoming freshmen. Jasmine Toolan: What do you do for a living?  Samantha Valle: I don’t work. I’m just going to school.  JT: What do you want to do after you graduate?  SV: After I graduate I was planning to become an ultrasound technician, specifically pediatric sonography. They take ultrasounds … Continue reading HOCC: Samantha Valle

HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith, SBHS social studies teacher, shares a slice of his life, from working at Berdoo to his perspective on happiness. Emjay Chhin: So, tell me how has it been working here lately? Arthur Smith: Lately has been fantastic. I arrived one week late in starting school this year. So the first month or so I felt like I was behind a little bit. However, … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

HOCC: Esmeralda Vargas

Esmeralda Vargas  (9) explains her goals and how she will get there. Facing many challenges, she still keeps her head up and looks toward her future.  Jasmine Toolan: What is your goal in life? Esmeralda Vargas: Honestly, just to finish high school and get college and get a degree in nursing. JT: What inspired you to get a nursing degree? Why is that the path … Continue reading HOCC: Esmeralda Vargas

HOCC: Mr. Durell Jones

Durell Jones will be talking about his life and his history on what he has done in the past and his teaching years. Yahily Estrada: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Durell Jones: I’m from San Bernardino. I was born in Loma Linda Hospital. I went to elementary school and middle school here. I graduated from San Gorgonio High School. I was fortunate enough … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Durell Jones

HOCC: Hailey Cervantes

This is Hailey Cervantes, a 15-year-old sophomore at San Bernardino High School. She took some time to share a little bit about herself and what she does. Alonzo Flores: What’s your biggest achievement? Hailey Cervantes: My biggest achievement is going through hardship during COVID and still completing the year with good grades.  AF: What are your biggest failures? HC: One of my biggest failures was … Continue reading HOCC: Hailey Cervantes