HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith, SBHS social studies teacher, shares a slice of his life, from working at Berdoo to his perspective on happiness. Emjay Chhin: So, tell me how has it been working here lately? Arthur Smith: Lately has been fantastic. I arrived one week late in starting school this year. So the first month or so I felt like I was behind a little bit. However, … Continue reading HOCC: Mr. Arthur Smith

HOCC: Angel Salgado

Student Board operator at SBHS Theatre department explains his greatest struggles and happiest times. Emjay Chhin: Tell me a time where you were at your happiest. Angel Salgado: I would say the time I was at my happiest probably when we came back to school from COVID 19. EC: How did COVID-19 impact your family or your social life? AS: Covid-19 impacted my family by … Continue reading HOCC: Angel Salgado