HOCC: Yarel Ruiz

Yarel Ruiz, a junior at San Bernardino High School, was asked about her school life, as well as her personal life and the people who have made a great impact on who she is.

Tyro Times: How are you involved in the school? Clubs, sports, etc.?

Yarel Ruiz: I do the Nest Coffee Cart and the Student Store. We work with selling school supplies, school merch, and selling coffee on campus.

TT: What is your greatest struggle right now?

YR: Building myself up, keeping myself on track. I think it’s a really big thing for me, which I struggle with a lot, but I’m getting better.

TT: Is this school wise?

YR: School wise…Yeah. I think just in the real world, I have trouble with living up to people. In school, it’s keeping my grades, making sure I’m on track, making sure I have everything in place. I know what I’m doing, so that’s something.

TT: What are you most afraid of right now?

YR: Credits.

TT: Do you want to expand on that?

YR: I think it’s just the fact that I might not graduate. That’s a big thing for me, not being able to graduate or get a job perhaps, just not make it somewhere.

TT: What is your plan after high school?

YR: I plan on working after high school. I don’t plan on attending college. I used to want to, not anymore though. I plan on just working, hopefully not that bad of a job, a pretty good job.

TT: Where do you plan on working?

YR: I don’t know. My mom was telling me to work in an office, but I don’t really know what kind of office I like. I like that type of environment, but I don’t know, hopefully, in some business office type.

TT: Tell me about the happiest moment in your life.

YR: I think it’d be sophomore year. I became friends with someone who’s now my best friend. We became really close. She’s someone I connect with on a very touching level. She’s really sweet, she’s really open minded. She’s someone I’ve always wanted in a friend and I finally found her.

TT: How did you and your best friend meet?

YR: We met last year through a friend that’s not our friend anymore, but we became close through her.

TT: Who’s the most influential person in your life?

YR: Either my older sister or my friend. They give very good advice when it comes to whatever I’m dealing with, whatever questions I have. They have really good advice. They’re really open to hearing me out and helping me.

TT: What type of topics do you need help with and what kind of advice do they typically give you?

YR: With my sister, I ask her life questions like, “After high school, what would be the best options for me?” She gives me lifestyle advice. I would say future advice, where to go, or options. Then with her [best friend] it’s not about lifestyle, but more so like, “Oh, what’s your opinion on people?” Just social, environmental questions. I guess that’s a way of putting them.

TT: Tell me about the saddest moment in your life.

YR: I think since I have a really close bond with my sister. She left for college a few months ago and it was really sad. I don’t see her anymore. I don’t communicate anymore with her since we’re not home. Even if it’s texting, she’s busy and it’s sad I don’t see her anymore.

TT: What would people be surprised to know about you?

YR: My way of thought or the way I do things. I think people would say that I’m very open minded or very sweet, which isn’t wrong, but I think I’m a very opinionated person and that’s not what most people would think.

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