HOCC : Jesse Salas

Jesse Salas is a 16-year-old junior at San Bernardino High School. Being unseen by others and left out was always a fear for Jesse. He never knew how to fit in or what to say to begin a quality conversation.

Being in the 11th grade and not knowing if going to the U.S. Military or calling for his dream job as a specific businessman in the mafia. Keeping his dream job as a mafia worker a secret from his family is quite hard because he knows their disappointment would crush him.

He is very close to his mother and father, but  more so his dad. He takes advantage of having a dad knowing others don’t have a father. He has expressed his great gratitude towards his father and how, early in his childhood, his mother would fill his head with nonsense making him believe his father was a bad man who wanted nothing to do with Jesse. 

“Being a young child, I’d believe everything she told me and pull my dad down and my dad would be the only one to love me unconditionally,” Salas said. “I couldn’t believe that I would stop talking to him and disrespect him and say really mean things to him. That should not have been said just because my mom told me lies about him.”

Self Discipline 

Self discipline is very important to Jesse. He believes without discipline you can’t accomplish something. 

“Sometimes I get very lazy and I don’t want to do things, but struggle is required for success. I am disciplined, but I like to see myself be a more mentally tough man,” he said. 

Being disciplined will help him have a very wealthy and successful future, he believes

“I plan to go to school to become an independent business man or go to the Marines because I believe serving my country is important and my name would be in the history books. Also I plan to be a businessman so I can control my pay and learn how to be an independent man,” Salas said.

Although Jesse is really worried about his future, he is also very worried about his family. He has two wonderful parents who are very involved in his life. However, just like everyone else, his family does have issues.

“Well, now, they have been divorced like two times and they got back together. Back in like 2012 divorce in 2006 and then 2012 and now they’re getting divorced again, somewhere around December,” he said. 

He knows though that even through their hard times, his family will get through it. He steadily keeps his head up and never gives up.

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