HOCC: Hailey Cervantes

This is Hailey Cervantes, a 15-year-old sophomore at San Bernardino High School. She took some time to share a little bit about herself and what she does.

Alonzo Flores: What’s your biggest achievement?

Hailey Cervantes: My biggest achievement is going through hardship during COVID and still completing the year with good grades. 

AF: What are your biggest failures?

HC: One of my biggest failures was failing freshman year. 

AF: And it was both semesters?

HC: Yes

AF: What do you want for the rest of your school years?

H: For the rest of the school years I want straight A’s and to pass all my classes. 

AF: What are you going to do to make that happen?

HC: I’m going to try to do all my work and turn in every assignment I get. Also pay more attention in class so I know what’s going on. 

AF: What does being successful mean to you?

HC: Successful means to me, that you’re where you want to be in life and reach all your goals.

AF: What do you want for your future?

HC: I want to travel the world and possibly have one or two kids in the future. Also have a high paying job to support my family.

AF: What is your motivation in life right now?

HC: My motivation in life is my dad because he showed me that there is always more than one option.

AF: And what’s your goals for the rest of your life? 

HC: The goal for the rest of my life is to be successful and to be able to travel the world. 

AF: Do you have any job that you want to have in the future? 

HC: Maybe be a nail tech.

AF: Why?

HC: Because I like doing nails.

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