Person Of The Day: Ashley Esquibel

At San Bernardo High School, we have a lot of great students, but today we are going to focus more on our person of the day, Ashley Esquibel. Ashley is a sophomore here at San Bernardo High. She is not involved in any sports at the moment, but is thinking about trying out for track because she loves to run.

Ms. Esquibel is doing all right during this online learning but still wishes we could go back to school.

“I miss interacting with my teacher’s and friends,” she says.

Although she misses school, she always tells herself to stay grinding and to stay caught up on her work so she doesn’t fall too far behind. Ashley says that Mrs. Polk inspires her to be a better student because she always motivates her to do better and pumps her up to do her work and she is a great teacher overall.

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