Rough beginnings

Everyone at SBHS can all agree that this school year has been a little different. It was hard adjusting to going back to school in person after being away for over a year. Being away for so long has caused some problems between some students, especially since we were overpopulated/had a lot of enrollments at the beginning of the year and we have two classes who have never been in a high school setting.

This school year there were two classes who were just starting high school or are stepping foot into a high school setting for the first time. Others were coming back not knowing what to expect. It was a little difficult for the juniors and seniors to get back into the swing of things with the freshmen and sophomores not knowing how to behave and bringing their middle school mentality with them. 

Girls gossiping about others, Image by Ben White

“Students are anxious to come back to school and don’t know how to respond, so they are acting out,” said Mr. Nolasco.

It has been very frustrating for teachers and staff as well. Various people on campus have commented that the freshmen and sophomores have brought their middle school behavior into high school and have not been acting like they are high school students.

“It’s sad that it’s happening. This year’s kids are given a chance to come back and they are making bad decisions that are not helping them be successful,” said Mrs. Madrid. 

Mr. Wingo, along with security guard Cano, believes that the students are behaving this way to get attention and to get the school ‘famous.’

“If this behavior were to continue, the high school experience for the students would be very boring. No games, no rallies. We need trust to be safe,” said principal Dr. Gutierrez.

There are countless options on how we can resolve or fix the situation with students misbehaving and how to teach the lower classes how to behave. Many believe that we could do a big brother/sister program, where juniors and seniors ‘adopt’ a freshman or sophomore and help them navigate through high school and the proper way to behave. 

Alejandro Davalos, an 11th grader, believes that students should have privileges taken away to strike a realization in students and that there should be more teachers roaming around to make sure people don’t get out of trouble.

Teachers believe that students should join sports and clubs to keep themselves busy and so they won’t want to act up and to stay away from drama.

“Fights start when kids are not in class. If you allow kids to walk around, there are going to be fights,” said Wingo.

Although we did have a rough start at the beginning of the school year, all the fights and chaos have reduced as more students step up and show others how high school is and how to behave properly. 

“I am proud of what they accomplished, proud of the work students did to take back their campus. That’s the maturity we’re about,” said Gutierrez.

 “We’re all in this together. Teachers are trying to do their best and students should meet them halfway.” said Nolasco

 “Go to school, class, and graduate. If you do badly in your first two years, it will be hard to catch up,” said Cano.

“Take school seriously. Take pride in your campus. These four years fly by.” said Nevarez, the on-campus parole officer.

“When fights are going on, stay away if possible. You could get food at lunch and stay in my class. You’re here to graduate high school,” said Madrid.

“Live life without regret. Make decisions that will make your future self have less regret. Join things and stop fighting.” said Wingo

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