List of Thrills 👻🎃

This spooky season will definitely be different from the rest, but who says you can’t make the most of this month with a couple thriller movies to kick off the mood. Compiled in a list for you, there are binge-worthy movies to watch during your quarantine-friendly festivities this year. Get your spook on! A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (TV-PG) ~ A babysitter finds the … Continue reading List of Thrills 👻🎃

Aniceta’s COVID19 Story

COVID19 has had a serious impact on us all – from canceled activities, school closures, and online learning to social distancing, wearing masks in public and feeling isolated from our friends and family members. Students have unique perspectives and experiences during this pandemic. We are featuring these stories from out SBHS students, beginning with our Tyro Times staff. Here is my story. How has COVID19 … Continue reading Aniceta’s COVID19 Story

High School Takes a Toll

High school, the four years where the pressure is put on us by ourselves, our families, and society. There’s constant competition having the highest grade point average, SAT/ACT scores, and getting into the best college.  Mental health is a topic that doesn’t get spoken about much or acknowledged as much as it should.  Stress can be caused by a number of reasons ranging from one’s … Continue reading High School Takes a Toll

This One Time At…Ballet Floklorico

“This One Time At..” is designed to create a brief feature on a moment in another student’s life. This week, we made a feature on one of our fellow freshmen. A current freshman at San Bernardino High School, Selena Castellanos, dances in a professional group called Ballet Folklorico Nueva Esperanza. On October 13, 2019 she had a show in Claremont, California. “I had to dance … Continue reading This One Time At…Ballet Floklorico

Getting Involved in San Bernardino

Have you ever wondered how you can get involved in your community? As of now, San Bernardino is being run mainly by the older generation. This results from younger people either not caring or not knowing how exactly to become a part of the community. For those of you who simply just don’t know where to start, this article is for you. Getting involved can … Continue reading Getting Involved in San Bernardino

Daniel Gaeta, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 8

Daniel Gaeta, a junior at San Bernardino High School, grows impatient just like many other contestants due to this year’s Mr. Cardinal Ambassador Program being just around the corner. Being in the Mr. Cardinal Pageant is one of the many goals Daniel desires to accomplish before graduating. His other goals include going into CIF with the varsity tennis team, pursuing robotics, and passing AP Calculus … Continue reading Daniel Gaeta, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 8

That’s What She Said

We can all agree that people are hard to read sometimes. One conversation or action can make us overthink everything, making it difficult to know what people’s intentions are. A group of females were asked the same question: how can you tell if a guy likes you? These are some of their responses. Michele Thomas (9th): “When he is trying to get to know you or … Continue reading That’s What She Said

Valentine’s Day in Cardinal City

February is the month where love is in the air. Romantic and thoughtful gifts and dates were put together for Valentine’s Day. Some students at SBHS were surveyed about what they did on Valentine’s Day. While some responses sounded like dates out of a movie, others were relatable in their ordinariness. Some of us await the day with open arms as others of us, well, … Continue reading Valentine’s Day in Cardinal City