That’s What She Said

We can all agree that people are hard to read sometimes. One conversation or action can make us overthink everything, making it difficult to know what people’s intentions are. A group of females were asked the same question: how can you tell if a guy likes you? These are some of their responses.

Michele Thomas (9th): “When he is trying to get to know you or is always staring and tries making you laugh.”

Guadalupe Ignacio (10th): “I can tell when a guy likes me because he’ll always want to be around me and check up on me. I can also tell by the way he looks at me.”

Melanie Ramirez-Hernandez: “I know a guy likes me if he stares at me a lot, he always tries making me laugh, and gets defensive if I bring up a guy I like.”

Lizette Gomez (9th): “He’d look at you a lot and get nervous when talking to you.”

Valerie Colio: “He’ll try spending most of his time with you and make you feel open around him. He might also indirectly imply that he likes you in conversations.”

Marissa Maestas (9th): “They are very protective, get jealous, and try to spend time with you.”

Yaqueline Arias: “They start paying more attention to you, showing their emotions, and wanting to spend time with you.”

Aglaen Sanchez: “They would be flirting with you and try to always make your day and just be with you when you need it and just try to give you their love in many ways.”

Erika Danh: “It depends on the guy. They can be “mean” because they don’t know how to express it towards you. They can be straight up to you. Act different around you. Always wanting to be around you. Maybe even try to keep you on the right path because they care about you”

Cassandra Martinez: “They always want to hangout, they tease you, and try to make you smile.”

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