Valentine’s Day in Cardinal City

February is the month where love is in the air. Romantic and thoughtful gifts and dates were put together for Valentine’s Day. Some students at SBHS were surveyed about what they did on Valentine’s Day. While some responses sounded like dates out of a movie, others were relatable in their ordinariness. Some of us await the day with open arms as others of us, well, we just sit back and watch. Did everything go well or wrong for SBHS lovebirds?

“I was in theatre late, exchanged Valentine’s with a friend, and celebrated my father’s birthday.” – Martha Canela

“I’m lonely and don’t really like anyone.” – Abraham Galaviz

“I hung out with my boyfriend after school.” – Kimberlyn Chavez

“I don’t like spending time with others; I like being alone.” – Cristina Gaeta

“I exchanged Valentines with Aniceta and Lizette.” – Sherlyn Hernandez (Freshman)

“I don’t have a boyfriend and Valentine’s Day is a day of unconditional love. It’s pointless to celebrate that for one day; you could do it any other day or everyday.” – Sydney Harworth (Freshman)

“I didn’t want to celebrate it, I was tired.” – Adrian Guzman

“I got picked up by my friend after work and we went to a Korean restaurant in LA then exchanged gifts and later we made chocolate covered strawberries.” – Marcos Machado

“I didn’t want to be in the rain; I wanted to be home and eat.” – Robinna Avery

“I was doing homework.” – Victoria Rodriguez (Sophomore)

“On the 15th, my girlfriend and I hung out at my house and the day after, we went to Castle Park.” – Saul Felix (Freshman)

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