Daniel Gaeta, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 8

Daniel Gaeta, a junior at San Bernardino High School, grows impatient just like many other contestants due to this year’s Mr. Cardinal Ambassador Program being just around the corner.

Being in the Mr. Cardinal Pageant is one of the many goals Daniel desires to accomplish before graduating. His other goals include going into CIF with the varsity tennis team, pursuing robotics, and passing AP Calculus next year.

“I’d say one of my biggest struggles has to be becoming independent when my siblings go off to college and when my dad isn’t around because he works late,” he said. “However, it is something I have become accustomed to over time.”

Nevertheless, Daniel will soon go off to college as well, leaving his sister, Cristina Gaeta, to follow in their siblings’ footsteps too.

He aspires to major in computer and engineering at his dream college, University of California, Irvine.

“Winning, or even participating, in the Mr. Cardinal Ambassador Program to me means I at least attempted making an impact or difference in our community.”

Most of all, he would like to be remembered as a generous, helpful, and reliable person at any time and wishes that his imperfections do not get in the way of what he wishes to do, whether it be right now or later on in the future.

Daniel Gaeta

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