Reasons why YOU should join journalism in 2023

What is journalism?

Journalism is a class/program where students of SBHS come together and write news articles, profiles, sports events, and more for Tyro Times . Tyro Times reports on current events or anything that affects SBHS. Many articles have been published throughout the years, articles such as COVID-19 reports, sports, tips for sleeping, sibling rivalry, and even student advice. This class also teaches you the basis of photography. We show you how to take the perfect picture with only a few tricks. You will be provided with a camera if needed. The class isn’t just about writing either. You can create other types of content as well: videos, art, comics, photo stories, etc. 

“I don’t like writing, but it’s not just about writing journalism. Mrs. Schmidt told us about photography, learning how to write, learning how to get to know someone, getting to know how to interview people you know. It was getting pretty interesting, you know, because I’m actually writing for a newspaper,” Michael Torres (11) said. 

Tyro Times History

In 1895, George Swing, Edward Wall, and CA Whitmore approached their principal, Noble Richardson, asking if they could create a school newspaper. They were unsure of what the name would be and they ended up settling for Tyro which means “young learner.” Those three students attended LA High School to learn about their school newspaper. 

In 2017, Hazael approached Mrs. Schmidt about the journalism program and asked if she could be the advisor. In 2019, it officially became a class as a G elective and can be specially requested as a pathway. After partnering up with the Digitech class, Mr. Press represented SBHS journalism with his newsboy hat. 

Tyro Times has a long history of success, winning awards and producing professional journalists.

“We’ve actually had actual reporters go into the field and work for the LA Times and the UN International newspaper. So we’ve had a lot of actual journalists and students go out into the world to do that as a profession,” Hazael Perez said. 

Mrs. Schmidt

Journalism isn’t an English class. You won’t be expected to write major essays or anything of the sort. 

“And really this class provides students with the freedom to express themselves. My hope is that this program provides a voice for students. If you are a student journalist with the Tyro Times, we provide you with a vehicle to voice what’s important to you and what you think is important to other teens on our campus,” said Mrs. Schmidt. “Teenagers are so often overlooked or seen as people who don’t have anything important to say. I don’t believe that and I want to provide them with the space to be heard and make the changes they feel are necessary.”

“I like the class. Mrs. Schmidt is always really nice and everyone is really nice too. They’re all welcoming,” Julissa Chia (11) said. 

How do I join?

Talk to your counselor! Tell them that you would like to sign up for journalism for the upcoming school year. Choose Journalism 1 if you are new and Journalism 2, 3, or 4 if you have previously been enrolled.

What are the requirements?

There are no requirements to be enrolled. However, there will be due dates for the content you create. You will also be required to interview other students on campus, and take pictures and audio recordings. Be willing to stay after school sometimes to cover any events such as sports, plays, ceremonies, etc. Mrs. Schmidt will give you a “press pass” that will allow you to enter school games or other events for FREE!

Some words from the 2021-2022 Tyro Times staff

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