HOCC: Leonardo Lopez

Leonardo Lopez (11) discusses the bond he has with his parents and how his friends helped him out in tough situations. 

Tyro Times: Who was your role model when you were a kid?

Leonardo Lopez: My parents, but they weren’t so much of a role model. They did take care of me, but I never really looked up to them for them to do anything. I kinda just did whatever I thought was right.

Tyro Times: How come?

Leonardo Lopez: I just don’t feel like doing what they want me to do. You know you get that sense of feeling that I just need to do something.

Tyro Times: What do they want you to do?

Leonardo Lopez: When I was younger, I was really into engineering, coding, and medicine. But  as I got older, I realized that It’s definitely too much of a challenge for me to take on. So I slowed down and I stopped being so strict on my academics.

Tyro Times: Have they ever supported you on the things you want to do?

Leonardo Lopez: They support me in whatever I want to do.

Tyro Times: Do you think they ever put high expectations on you when growing up?

Leonardo Lopez: They definitely did. I’m a first-gen Hispanic. So it’s like they kind of have to. It’s expected of them and expected of me.

Tyro Times: While growing up were you pursuing their expectations? Or were you pursuing your own expectations that you set up for yourself?

Leonardo Lopez: The challenge for me isn’t very much like the expectations people set for me, but it’s more about not knowing what I want to do. Not having any set goal. I just kind of have a general idea. I’m just going to do whatever I want.

Tyro Times: Have you had a good bond with your parents when growing up?

Leonardo Lopez: I’m definitely close to my father. He’s more supportive and respectful of me in my choices. I respect my mother and she respects me, but I just trust my father more.

Tyro Times: Did your mom do something to cause that? Or was it just natural?

Leonardo Lopez: Um, I feel like I just spend more time with my dad than my mom.

Tyro Times: If you could, would you spend more time with your mom?

Leonardo Lopez: I work out with my mom half the time because we have that as a shared interest, but other than that not as much and that’s okay.

Tyro Times: How do you think they’re going to feel when you leave to go to college or when you move out?

Leonardo Lopez: Oh, they will feel very glad and relieved. My dad would definitely miss me. My mom would be relieved. I’m definitely somewhat of a burden to them. 

 Tyro Times: Why do you think so?

Leonardo Lopez: Just because I’m just a burden, not like in a bad way. They will just be happy to see me go.  It’s one thing off their mind. They don’t have to be as worried about me on how I can manage myself and turn out okay. You know, they can trust me that I’ll be safe in whatever I decide to do.

Tyro Times: Other than family do you think anyone on this campus has helped you in any way or pushed you to do better?

Leonardo Lopez: My friends very much have for sure. I’ve definitely gone off the end a couple of times. I know sometimes I can be overly overdramatic, and bipolar. I’m very fortunate that I have friends that can help me with those tough situations.

Tyro Times: In what way have they helped you?

Leonardo Lopez: By taking care of me and being there for me. And preventing me from doing stuff that isn’t good for me or helping me do things I want to do.

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