2021-2022: looking back

This year we came back after the pandemic took place, where it was a new beginning from those endless boring zoom calls, lack of seeing other people instead of seeing your family every day, and many missed opportunities such as going to school dances, field trips, games, etc. But this school year we managed to take those opportunities and make things happen that haven’t occurred in many years.  

Our football team was able to make it to the CIF playoffs, making their first appearance since 2004 and getting their first playoff win since 1988. They were able to advance to the second round at our Cardinal Field. 

“It was exciting to go to the CIF after so long the school hasn’t been able to do so,“ said Jayshawn Nathan Lee Green who plays running back, wide receiver, linebacker, and d-in in varsity. 

“The main thing is that it felt great to be on the field again,” said senior Gabriel Garcia, who plays defense on varsity. 

With the hard work they put in this season and the success they had, they have high expectations for the upcoming season. 

“That the guys can make it to the playoffs and possibly league championships and, if they are able to push through adversity, maybe even further,” said Garcia. 

Our girl’s basketball team made it to the fourth round in the CIF playoffs and was invited to go to state.  

Girls’ varsity basketball game against Hawthorn. The Lady Cardinals won 59-54 to advance to the fourth round of playoffs.

“There was a lot of excitement, but we weren’t as nervous as we played so many games that it felt like another game,” said Jennah Parafina, who is currently going to be varsity captain for the upcoming season. “It’s hard to predict for next year’s season as we’re getting a new starting lineup and new faces for the bench and it’s a matter of how we work together.” 

Another sport climbing to the top is our girl’s softball team, who won its first league title after 36 years.  

Our Lady Cardinals softball team beat Pacific High School 6-5 to win the League Championship. (Photo Credit: John Wingo)

The Nest grand opening and the start of the Nest coffee cart made a huge impact on our school. It benefited the students and those who have the cardinal spirit to purchase merchandise and coffee daily in the mornings and after school until 3:30. You could also see the coffee cart at football games and other school events. Keep on the lookout for discounts or any announcements on their Instagram @thenestcoffeeco. 

Solar panels were finally installed in the parking lots. “It will benefit the whole district. We can spend more money on programs, teachers and improve the infrastructure of our school,” said Joseph Salas.                                                             

The talent show was back on after 2019 before the pandemic took place.  

“It’s definitely one of my favorite memories this year because I had so much fun with everyone,” said sophomore Nevaeh Wilson, who hosted this event. 

“We do plan to make it annual, I will still have two years to plan it again and we hope to start planning sooner than we did this year. I will spread the word in mid-December,” said sophomore Ladaysha Brewster who hosted this event. 

We all had our personal highlights of this year whether it was rallies, going to dances, senior activities, hanging out with friends, etc. But the most important thing we should all remember is to not take the four years we have in high school for granted as time flies by before you even notice.  We can only experience this once in a lifetime. 

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