Fragile: handle with care

2020-2021 was both a unique and challenging experience for students. Some of our SBHS journalists documented their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the past 15 months. Here is 2020/2021 from a teen’s perspective.

Fragile: Handle With Care by Caleb Joyce

The title of this piece is “Fragile Handle With Care.” This was heavily influenced by The Wall (by Pink Floyd) and a horrible fever I had recently. If it wasn’t obvious, a giant wall is separating a torn, worn out man from the outside world. The wall is like Covid-19, being told to quarantine is kind of like being locked inside of a depressing prison. I made the man a plumpy little potato because I feel like I’ve let myself go in my physical appearance. The fish eye shows how living like this could really distort your view on life. I made sure to make it look as grimy as possible by rubbing the pencil lead with the palm of my hand. The paper used is watercolour thickness; I used this to give it a textured look. I used a normal pencil because that’s what you would have laying around in quarantine. This piece really brings out my view of quarantine as being very depressing on teens, who need to learn and explore their world in order to find out who they really are.

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