Running their best

On Saturday October 1, the Cross Country team headed to the Rams Dual Invitational hosted at Ramona High School. They didn’t score team points, however, most of the Cardinal City runners beat their personal record and everyone won medals that day. Christofer Ramirez (10th grade) placed 12th out of 120 runners with a personal best of 17:44, beating his time by 20 seconds. He was … Continue reading Running their best

Q & A with Janice Romero Reyes

Student Features is an article or interview about a student from our school. Full disclosure: I have never written a student feature and I didn’t have anyone to write one about…until my friend, Janice Romero Reyes, a sophomore, heard about our SBHS Tyro Times. I asked her if she was interested in being interviewed and having an article about her published on our school website. … Continue reading Q & A with Janice Romero Reyes

Adding fun to your life…but not too much

TV turns on, console gets started, and your headset is on. You’re ready to play video games and just have a great time. I love video games too; it’s one of my favorite hobbies. However, many parents and doctors are reporting that students or children who spend many hours on video games can change their health and their behaviors. People who play video games should … Continue reading Adding fun to your life…but not too much

A woman’s perspective: Isbelda Torres

100 years ago, the 19th Constitutional Amendment was ratified, officially allowing women across the United States the right to vote. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.  Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Today, the fight for gender equality … Continue reading A woman’s perspective: Isbelda Torres

The fight between COVID19 and our government

When COVID-19 started spreading, federal and local governments took action to fight against this virus which spread around the whole world. When government officials released their solutions to the people, some people immediately disliked them and others worked with the solutions. Many people, even students – including myself, have opinions about these actions. I heard on NBC News that they closed down schools in California … Continue reading The fight between COVID19 and our government

Student Respect – An Issue?

Imagine you are a student who is in an honors class. The teacher is lecturing and you were called on to answer a question. Then a student from your class interrupts you and the teacher. The student and the teacher make a scene that interrupts the class.  Students disrespecting teachers is not okay and we need to create a solution to prevent students’ rudeness against … Continue reading Student Respect – An Issue?