The fight between COVID19 and our government

When COVID-19 started spreading, federal and local governments took action to fight against this virus which spread around the whole world. When government officials released their solutions to the people, some people immediately disliked them and others worked with the solutions. Many people, even students – including myself, have opinions about these actions.

I heard on NBC News that they closed down schools in California because of the coronavirus. San Bernardino City Unified School District posted on their website and called students’ parents about schools closing for the rest of the school year. I feel the action from the district was both an excellent and rough action to make. It was appropriate in order to prevent the spreading of COVID19 to other students, but it was also an unwelcome decision because some students don’t have devices like a chromebook to participate in online classes or study at home during this outbreak.

People are now either being laid off from their jobs or choosing to stay home because of COVID 19. My sister, who works in a clinic called SAC, chose to stay home rather than work so she could go help and stay with her family during this pandemic. I believe this is a great idea that parents are choosing to be with their kids and be safe, but there’s a problem. Since the parents aren’t working, they are receiving less money in their checks. Families are using the money to buy supplies and groceries for this outbreak and they aren’t receiving enough to buy those things they need to survive.

When this COVID 19 pandemic started, I felt secure. I have a family who works together and helps each other through this COVID19. We go out to buy groceries and supplies that we need. However, without each other, we can’t fight or survive this pandemic. 

To our government officials, please keep finding ways to keep us safe: open hospitals, give out Chromebooks, and give people resources. We are California and we can be strong and stay strong if we work together.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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