Lives are different now thanks to COVID19

COVID-19 has created a huge impact on many people’s lives. This virus has made many people cancel events or plans they had. It has also caused others to lose their jobs. Many people have also lost loved ones due to this virus. The Coronavirus has infected about 1.34 million people CNN said. 

COVID-19 has also impacted my life in many ways. Before the virus impacted me, I was going to school on a daily basis. Social distancing wasn’t something I was worried about or had to remember to do. Events that were planned were going as planned. I was able to go out with any worry about having to wear a mask or stay six feet away from others. This didn’t last long because that’s when the COVID-19 situation happened.

This pandemic changed my life. That’s when my schooling also changed. We weren’t going to school. Work that had to be done was being worked on at home, which basically felt like we were homeschooled. We were first told that school would resume after Spring Break then we had another announcement which said the school would resume May 1st instead of April 6. After all the announcements that’s when they canceled school for the remainder of the school year. Not only was school canceled, but events that we planned were canceled too. This is when we really had to start wearing masks and staying six feet away from people. 

Ever since this happened, I feel like it made many appreciate what they had. It made me see the things in my life on a whole other level. I feel like I have appreciated the time that I’ve had with my family, not that I haven’t appreciated it, but knowing that I’m lucky to have my parents with me through all this makes me appreciate it more because many have lost their loved ones.

After this pandemic I expect us to go to school on a daily basis. Events that are planned go as planned and we won’t have to worry about social distancing.

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