Lives are different now thanks to COVID19

COVID-19 has created a huge impact on many people’s lives. This virus has made many people cancel events or plans they had. It has also caused others to lose their jobs. Many people have also lost loved ones due to this virus. The Coronavirus has infected about 1.34 million people CNN said.  COVID-19 has also impacted my life in many ways. Before the virus impacted … Continue reading Lives are different now thanks to COVID19

Five Fun Questions

Here are five fun question that were asked of one of our seniors, Yotseli Cuevas. Yotseli Cuevas was asked 5 questions that probably many people didn’t know. She was asked on November 14, 2019. Yotseli said “People will judge you from the outside but don’t know who you are from the inside.” If you can time travel where would you go? If I could time … Continue reading Five Fun Questions