Andy Decena, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 7

Andy. I’m sure we’ve all heard that name before. That’s correct – “Toy Story!”

Andy’s mother loved the movie “Toy Story.” When she found out she was having a boy, she decided to call him Andy. We now know Andy as Andy Decena, contestant number 7 of the 2019-2020 Mr.Cardinal Talent Show. Andy is determined to win this competition to be able to gain a new experience.

Andy’s biggest struggle has been his parent’s divorce. He had a hard time understanding why they had to separate. One of the things that helped him keep sane was Mac Miller’s music. The lyrics to his music touched Andy and his heart.

One day he decided to ask his parents why they were getting a divorce. He said they sat him down and had a talk with him, telling him they simply had their own problems and their relationship just wasn’t working out. It had nothing to do with him.

“They told me they loved me,” Andy said. The fact that Andy’s parents told him how they felt about him made him more understanding about the situation his family was in.

Andy’s biggest achievement was losing weight. He was inspired to lose weight back in his sophomore year. His group of “friends” would call him names, constantly bullying him saying things like “you’re fat” and so on. Andy took all those insults and used them to motivate him to lose weight.

“Ever since that happened, I said you know what? I’m going to prove them wrong,” he said. He explained it took him several months, but in the end, he lost around 75 pounds.

Patient. Determined. Trustworthy. These are the three words Andy uses to describe himself. He has had to be patient through very difficult times in his life. Andy’s been determined to push through every rough patch that has been thrown at him. He is a person you can trust and open up to without worrying that he will go around telling other people.

So come out and support Andy Decena! And help him become the next 2019-2020 Mr. Cardinal.

Andy Decena

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