Did you know that there is a holiday that celebrates single people? That holiday is called Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D). Singles Awareness Day was created by Dustin Barnes, a senior communication major. “Actually, I can’t take full credit. This holiday was invented by myself and some of my high school friends back in the day,” he said in his article.

Singles Awareness Day is a holiday that reminds single people that it is okay to not have a significant other. It celebrates the freedom and independence single people have. Some people celebrate it with friends or family. They buy gifts for each other or go out to places together and celebrate their singleness together.

Most others spend their day by themselves and treat themselves to a nice dinner or nice gifts, gifts like roses, a plush doll, or clothing and shoes.

A freshman student agreed that being single is okay. “Sometimes you need time to yourself,” she said. 90% of the 106 San Bernardino High School students who voted on a poll on Instagram voted Yes, it is okay to be single.

This holiday is a reminder that being single is okay. Being single is something that people should be proud of. The single life comes with benefits, those benefits being freedom and independence, and also self love. Being single teaches that we don’t need a significant other to know our value.

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