Senior Superlatives

Seniors, you voted…and the results are in! Here are the 2017-2018 Senior Superlatives!

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket:

Aylin Hipolito and Rodolfo Sanchez

Most Likely to Trip at Graduation:

Enrique Villanueva, Nelson Parada, Tyler Pierson, & Daniel Laing

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Most Likely to Become a Ninja:

 Valerie Jimenez & Angel Hurtado

Most Likely to Study Last Minute:

Karen Campos & Javier Molina

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Best Bromance:

 Enrique Villanueva & Nathan Hunter

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Worst Driver:

Aylin Hipolito & Martin Quintana

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Cutest Couple That Never Was:

Kimberly Leonardo & Vincent Cardenas


 Samyiah Barfield & Enrique Villanueva

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