Thirty-Three Golden Cardinals

Thirty-three of our Cardinal seniors are eligible to receive the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma. Since 1997, the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction have awarded this honor to students who demonstrate mastery of at least six subject areas of high school curriculum. For meeting the eligibility requirements, these 33 students will receive diplomas affixed with a gold, embossed seal … Continue reading Thirty-Three Golden Cardinals

Then and Now

According to, a relationship is a connection, association, or involvement between people. Over the course of our lives, if we are lucky, we create these relationships with bonds that stand the test of time. These students are well on their way with the friendships and relationships they have with one another. Katrina Rosas and Stephanie Ojeda   Alexia Aguilar and Karol Chavez   Javier … Continue reading Then and Now

Senior Superlatives

Seniors, you voted…and the results are in! Here are the 2017-2018 Senior Superlatives! Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket: Aylin Hipolito and Rodolfo Sanchez Most Likely to Trip at Graduation: Enrique Villanueva, Nelson Parada, Tyler Pierson, & Daniel Laing Most Likely to Become a Ninja: ┬áValerie Jimenez & Angel Hurtado Most Likely to Study Last Minute: Karen Campos & Javier Molina … Continue reading Senior Superlatives

Farwell to 2017-2018 Cardinal Court

A year ago, Justin Mendoza was crowned Mr. Cardinal along with his court, Javier Molina, Jason Mendoza, and Nathan Hunter. Together, all of you experienced many happy and, at times, stressful moments as you carried out your duties; but when you reflect on the past year spent serving the crown, and think about all of those great memories that were made, the brotherhood created, and … Continue reading Farwell to 2017-2018 Cardinal Court