Student Respect – An Issue?

Imagine you are a student who is in an honors class. The teacher is lecturing and you were called on to answer a question. Then a student from your class interrupts you and the teacher. The student and the teacher make a scene that interrupts the class. 

Students disrespecting teachers is not okay and we need to create a solution to prevent students’ rudeness against teachers because it’s a problem that is going on today.

When students are disrespecting teachers, the percentage of respect for teachers is dropped. According to USA Today, “the percentage of respondents who agreed with the statement ‘students respect teachers’ dropped from 79% to 31%.” Teachers dislike these percentages and they want students to be more respectful and disciplined in other teachers’ classes so that they can do their job, to teach students and learn something new everyday.

Teachers state that students need help focusing on their behavior in school and in the real world. One teacher interviewed by The New York Times said, “It’s not every pupil- some are lovely and doing their best; some are just energetic and need a bit to help focusing- and I feel I owe it to them to stick with the class.”

I think it’s true because students are energetic and they just need to be taught how to be relaxed and calm inside the classroom so the teacher can continue the lesson with the class.

At San Bernardino High School this issue happens because of the ways that the teacher teaches and their personality in the class. Ms. Luna, a 9th grade ELA teacher, has an opinion on this problem because she has been disrespected by her students. 

“I choose to teach 9th grade students because it’s not only important to be literate, it is important to show respect to teachers and other people in the class and out in the real world.” (Ms Luna- 9th grade ELA teacher). 

I accept and respect her opinion and respond in kind. I’m a student in her classroom and I have witnessed her teaching about racism and other students are laughing and not paying attention to the real world. When she has a bad day, they sometimes don’t care about how she is feeling, I feel sad about how that makes her feel and it needs to be stopped.

Teachers today have solutions to stop this problem, such as having parent conferences, detention, etc. Students should be more respectful to other students, teachers, and people in the real world because it makes the person disappointed and less motivated to come to school, teach, and do their job. 

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