Interview with Daniel Cadenas

I interviewed Daniel Cadenas, a senior, the following questions: A name change request can come about because a person does not like his or her name as given at birth; perhaps they’d prefer something more or less unique rather than a homespun name that combined parents’ names. Question 1: If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would … Continue reading Interview with Daniel Cadenas

Rafael Roldan-Rosas, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 10

As a child of immigrants, Rafael Roldan has endured many eye-opening scenarios that have molded him into the unproblematic, unbothered, yet caring person he is today.  By getting a home, after living in apartments until the age of nine, he has seen his parents thrive and has captivated that same mindset. “There’s always ambition, but no struggle, but when there was, I thank God we’ve … Continue reading Rafael Roldan-Rosas, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 10

Xavier Palacios, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 2

Xavier Palacios did not grow up with the incredible support system he has now. He now acknowledges the fact that he is important and “not a waste of a human being.” Xavier is currently struggling with believing in himself because he does not see the immense potential he has to become the person he is destined to be. In the past, Xavier painted an awful … Continue reading Xavier Palacios, Mr. Cardinal Contestant 2