Do You Agree With These Unpopular Opinions?

BTS is not the best KPOP group, EXO is.

Fortnite is trash.

If a female wants to do something with her body, it is no one else’s decision.

Avengers Endgame is the worst movie ever.

Star Wars should have stopped at one film.

Spongebob should have ended a long time ago.

Beyonce is overrated.

White people aren’t the only racists.

Trump should build the wall.

Abortions should be legal.

Men should be able to hit a woman back if he’s being assaulted by one.

Talking on the phone is better than texting.

Country music is the best kind of music.

Strawberry is not the best Starbursts flavor.

Cats are better than dogs.

Powerade is better than Gatorade.

Short hair instead of long hair looks better on girls.

How I Met Your Mother is better than FRIENDS.

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