Boy’s Last Tennis Game

As the spring sports season comes to an end, the boys’ tennis team reflects on their performance as a team. The team has participated in many games and won their first game on Wednesday, April 17, which was also their senior night.

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The whole team being supportive while watching doubles team #3, Rafael Roldan and Daniel Macias
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The boy’s tennis team after winning.

The match between San Bernardino High School and AB Miller was an intense, close game. By winning by four points, the boys’ tennis team won 73-69! Everyone was very supportive to one another, and cheered their teammates on to victory.

Their record is 1-7 and they participated in Prelims the week of April 22-26. Jorge Madero, captain and singles number one player, along with both double team number one and two, all have a chance in winning that competition and going to CIF.

The team has several newcomers and it has been a learning experience for the most part. As a player, it’s easy to focus on what went wrong. What motivated the team after heart-wrenching losses was allowing some time to grieve, then encouraging the players to move on to the next games. The players’ mindsets were what mattered most. The boys’ thought about ways to make each game a memory for years to come.

“Despite wins and losses, it’s about the experience,” Coach Felix said. “I’ve been on losing teams where they are so great and so positive. By creating a positive experience brings team unity and brings the boys together.”

This was Coach Felix Jungo’s last year coaching San Bernardino High School’s boys’ and girls’ tennis team.

“Being a coach,” Felix says, “really does not feel like work to me. I know that I can turn my time, energy, and focus somewhere else but I’ll really miss this. There’s those players I have that I built great relationships with. It’s been amazing seeing each one of them grow as an athlete on the court and even more as a person outside.”

It seems the team has adapted well to Coach Felix and are all sad to see him go.

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