HOCC: Mrs. Erin Moore

Mrs. Erin Moore, a world history teacher at San Bernardino High School,  shares a little bit about herself, what it was like growing up, and why she pursued becoming the teacher she is today.

Alonzo Flores: What made you want to become a teacher?

Erin Moore: I just felt like if I had these classes when I was younger, like you when I was in high school or middle school, whatever the case may be, I would have not made as many mistakes that I made. So I just felt like I needed to be the person that I needed when I was young. So that’s why I wanted to become a teacher.

AF: Was there something or someone who motivated you to want to become a teacher?

EM:  Yeah, I had coaches. It was mainly my coaches. I had teachers like Mr. Corigliano and Mr. Hinkleman, my principal, Ms. Rodriguez. My mom and dad didn’t really push me to go to college. It was actually my teachers and coaches.

AF: Can you tell me about some of your biggest successes that you feel mean the most? 

EM: I think my proudest moment was graduating from UCLA. When I got there, I didn’t think I was going to make it. I felt very insecure, like everybody around me was smarter than me. They were better than me. They have more money than me. Here I am coming from San Bernardino; I just felt judged. But when I pulled that off and put in the work and walked that graduation stage, that was my best moment. 

AF: Is it okay, if you tell me a time when you felt like you were just lost in life or failing? 

EM: Yeah, Honestly, recently. Recently I’ve been working on my PhD. I have another year left and it’s hard because I’m an adult, I have bills, I have rent, I have responsibilities. I have custody of my niece. I’m not young and free like I used to be. I have so many responsibilities so trying to be in school still to this day is hard. I actually took a leave of absence. I haven’t been in school for about seven or eight months. My New Year’s resolution is to get back in and finish up. It’s actually right now, where it’s hard, but I know I can do it, but it’s hard. 

AF: My final question for you is since you told me about your life, how is it for you to teach here at San Bernardino High School?

EM:  I love it. It feels like home, it feels like family. It is home and it is family. When I see you guys, I see me. Whether you are male or female, nonbinary, whether you are Black, Latino, Asian, or white, whatever the case may be. When I see y’all, I see me. I love being here. This is where I was supposed to be. This is where I’m meant to be. I love it. Absolutely love teaching at San Bernardino High School. It’s one of the best places. Some of the strongest, you know, “push the odds” kids come from San Bernardino High School. I love it.

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