HOCC: Angel Salgado

Student Board operator at SBHS Theatre department explains his greatest struggles and happiest times.

Emjay Chhin: Tell me a time where you were at your happiest.

Angel Salgado: I would say the time I was at my happiest probably when we came back to school from COVID 19.

EC: How did COVID-19 impact your family or your social life?

AS: Covid-19 impacted my family by providing less resources for groceries and adjusting to basically a whole new way of living. Covid also had a big impact on my social life since I wasn’t able to see any friends or even hang out with my girlfriend anymore.

EC: Define success.

AS: Achieving your goals in life and accomplishing everything you ever wanted to do.

EC: What do you think accomplishment feels like?

AS: I feel accomplishment feels very great especially when you strive on to your goal. And once you reach that goal, you’ll be able to feel relieved with the many memories and you have to get to that certain point. Also feel like it opens a new road into your future because you learn new things on the way.

EC: What do you want to accomplish in your life, Any dreams?

AS: My dream is to be like everyone else just to be successful and have a healthy life along with a good way of living and also to retire really early. So I could relax for the remainder of my years.

EC: What was your greatest struggle?

AS: My greatest struggle at home would probably be managing chores and homework while also trying to make some free time for myself, especially with a lot of teachers giving out a good amount of work lately.

EC: What do you do in theatre? What do you do?

AS: I command the Sound Board and all of the sound effects.

EC: What does the SoundBoard do for the production?

AS: To me the SoundBoard is the main part of the show without the Sound Board there is no show. It also deals with the actors’ microphones and sound effects for the show.

EC:Has the SoundBoard overwhelmed you?

AS: I would say the soundboard has gotten way easier overtime but I have become fond of it and actually enjoy being in charge of the soundboard.

EC:When you say Sound Board does it get easier over time?

AS: The soundboard overwhelmed me with having so many wires connected to so many outlets and it actually made me have some wire management to keep everything in its place so it wouldn’t move or disconnect during a show.

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